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DeWind Alumnae Publish Three New Research Papers about Monarch Butterflies

By Candace Fallon and Emma Pelton on 6 November 2019 Together, these publications contribute to our growing understanding of how human actions can hurt—or help—monarchs. Joan Mosenthal DeWind was an early member of the Xerces Society and a keen supporter

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Western Monarchs: Notes from the Field

By Stephanie McKnight and Emma Pelton on 21 October 2019 Updates on a multi-year collaborative research project tracking the imperiled western monarch population. After the sudden and shocking crash in the number of monarchs overwintering in California during the winter

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Dennis Frey passed away August 3, 2019, Nipomo, CA

The monarch community sadly lost a leader on Saturday, August 3, 2019, when Dennis Frey passed away. His contributions to the lives of many include the creation of the Monarch Alert Program at Cal Poly, the Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count,

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Community Science Powers New Western Monarch Studies

Western monarch researchers and community scientists have been busy, contributing information vital to understanding the situation facing this imperiled population of America’s most well-known butterfly. Four new studies on western monarchs were recently published as part of the special issue

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Monarch Conservation Webinar – Western Monarch Population Down by 99%: How You Can Help

Location: Online webinar Date & Time: Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 at 2 PM Eastern Time Description: Have you heard about the steep decline in the Western monarch population? Are you wondering how you can help? This webinar will explore the citizen

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Monarch Butterflies in Western North America in Jeopardy

Population of monarchs overwintering in California at lowest level ever recorded Media Contacts: Emma Pelton, Endangered Species Conservation Biologist; [email protected], (971) 533-7245 Sarina Jepsen, Endangered Species Program Director; [email protected], (971) 244-3727 PORTLAND, Ore.; Thursday, 1/17/19—The population of monarch butterflies overwintering in California

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Record Low Number of Overwintering Monarch Butterflies in California – They Need Your Help!

Working at a conservation nonprofit means that we often come across bad news, but the results from this winter’s Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count left us shocked: an all-time record low of 28,429 monarchs at 213 sites. This number is an 86%

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San Francisco Chronicle article “California’s most famous butterfly nearing death spiral”

“An alarming, precipitous drop in the western monarch butterfly population in California this winter could spell doom for the species, a scenario that biologists say could also plunge bug-eating birds and other species into similar death spirals. Only 28,429 of

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Preliminary Thanksgiving 2018 count results

Each year, during a three-week period around Thanksgiving, scores of volunteers fan out through coastal California to find and count overwintering monarch butterflies as part of the Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count. The results are eagerly awaited, as the count provides the

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Second New Year’s Count Supports Monarchs Movement Between Sites

The Xerces Society’s Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count provides a long-running record of the number of monarchs overwintering in California—including the steep decline of recent decades. Volunteers and biologists who take part in the Thanksgiving Count have been invaluable in monitoring

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