Survey 123

Using the Survey123 Mobile App to Collect and Submit Western Monarch Count Data

Survey123 field app
You can use the Survey123 field app to collect and submit data for site counts and short and long form habitat assessments. Once it is set up, you can use this out in the field – even without cellular service, and submit the data directly from the field (or once you return to cellular service or wifi).

Steps to Download the Survey to your mobile device:
1. Download and install the Survey123 field app from ESRI – links to the various platforms below (click on icons below to get the app for your device).
2. After the app is installed, using your mobile device click on each of these links for the three data sheets:
Monarch Count:
Habitat Assessment – short form:
Habitat Assessment – long form:
3. The form(s)/datasheet(s) should open in the app on your device and automatically download (You may need to click/tap Open in Survey123 app – see Figure 1 below).
4. You do not need to create an account so do not sign in unless you already have an ArcGIS online corporate account. Select “Continue without signing in” at bottom of screen (see Figure 1 below). A personal account may prevent access to the survey.
5. Now you should be ready to use the app either when online – or offline. Once the data sheets are added to the app on your device they will be there to use, no need to download again.



Figure 1.

Once you’ve downloaded the data sheets to your device you should see a screen that looks like this:
You should see each of the forms/datasheets available on your device. Select the data sheet that you want (for example to conduct a count at a site, select the “WMTC: Monarch Count” form, the screen shown on the right will pop up and then fill out the data as you would normally fill out the paper datasheet. You can skip using a paper datasheet and fill this out directly in the field.

To submit your survey, click the check mark in the bottom right. To close your survey, click the X in the upper left. This will give you the option to save your survey as a draft or to discard the information.

From the home screen:
Click Collect to start a new survey.
Click Drafts to see surveys that you have started, but not submitted (you will only see this if you have unsubmitted surveys).
Click Outbox to send surveys that you completed but did not send (i.e. you were out in the field without cell service, or did not want to use your data plan to submit).
Click Sent to see surveys that you have already submitted (you will only see this if you have submitted surveys). Here you can make copies of surveys that you have already submitted–this will copy the information you submitted (location, plants, etc.) and let you edit the information for a new survey.

Favorite Answers
After you’ve entered answers into the Survey123 field app, you can save these answers to use in subsequent surveys by setting your favorite answers.
1. Using the menu ≡ in the upper right corner, you can set the current state of your survey to act as your favorite answers.
2. Once you’ve set your favorite answers, you can insert them into new surveys by opening the menu ≡ and clicking Paste answers from favorite. This will enter your favorite answers into your new survey.
3. If at any time you need to change your favorite answers, enter them into your current survey and click Set as favorite answers. If you find yourself entering repetitive information in a field, you can use your current answers to prepopulate subsequent surveys. The survey that you use to set your favorite answers will be marked with a star.